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Journey with Juniper…

Gramma Juniper

This local Juniper (juniperus occ. subs australis) looms like a matriarch over a community of youngsters. With the high sierra air fresh and filled with it’s aromatic gifts. My kids and I sat under it for a picnic after harvest among many juniper berries on the grassy earth.

Like an ancient house the trunk had knotted entries for the bugs and bees to enter. and the many long limbs covered with leafy hair and mossy fuzz. Butterflies kept my youngsters busy while I kept pruning select branches.

We loaded the heavy bags in the stroller and made our way back to the van. Another soak and splash in the hot springs and we were off to our downhill lab.

There my mighty helper checked the shredded material for impurities, grip and smell, before loading it to soak for a few days.

With the California summer temperatures coming up drastically I decided to distill last night and let myself and my chillers enjoy the cool night air. I was glad I did as now, 16 hours later the material is finally giving me signs of exhaustion as the day temperature starts to rise again.

Juniper in kids handsArjun smelling


The essences are strong and abundant, a joy to see after a long night. And I give thanks once again for a new, but old friend. Teaching me about subtle qualities and connection with a story only the smell and sight of a juniper leaf could tell…

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