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Distillation Salon 1st March and Celebration 16th March!

We will be distilling again! After the birth of our beautiful daughter we are happy to light the fires of the lab again. The Salon will feature the long awaited arrival of Sugar pine cones in the flasks. See the recent FB post for pictures. The distillation Celebration will take place on March 16th with […]

Distillation Salon at the Lab December 21st 2013

Come to the Lab and witness live hydro distillations. Learn about the art of distillation and perfumery. Smell and sample handcrafted aromatic treasures. And just in time for the holidays get your loved ones a gift that’s truly special. Like the perfume “advent” blending rare omani black frankincense with the biblical myrrh and a torrential […]

Lavender Mobile Distillation at Sunhawk Farms June 2013

Meeting John and Nancy, visionaries and creators of Sunhawk Farms in Mendocino county was a life-changing event. Long had I dreamed of working with farmers who related to plants as deeply as we do in the distillation. At Sunhawk Farms many visions, including mine have been made real. The care and intention that the lavender (lavendula […]

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