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Fortingall Yew

Visiting the Fortingall Yew in Scotland inspires and rejuvenates. What if we could sprout again after a lifetime (some 500 years for a tree) to see another millennia, another generation, another time. Standing next to a 5000 year old tree is like standing next to a teacher. May it stand for another 5000 years and […]

Journey with Juniper…

This local Juniper (juniperus occ. subs australis) looms like a matriarch over a community of youngsters. With the high sierra air fresh and filled with it’s aromatic gifts. My kids and I sat under it for a picnic after harvest among many juniper berries on the grassy earth. Like an ancient house the trunk had knotted […]

Distillation Salon 1st March and Celebration 16th March!

We will be distilling again! After the birth of our beautiful daughter we are happy to light the fires of the lab again. The Salon will feature the long awaited arrival of Sugar pine cones in the flasks. See the recent FB post for pictures. The distillation Celebration will take place on March 16th with […]

Old Tree Essentials